About Therese Aanonli

Therese Aanonli is a self-taught artist whose art is inspired by her Norwegian heritage and different faces from around the world – and the unique stories that the faces carry with them. Rawness, contrasts and truth are just a few words that describe Therese and her art. She originally comes from Lysøysund, a peninsula in Central Norway, but currently resides in Oslo, Norway.

AANONLIs mission is to create art that will be alive and treasured for ever. 

Through her work as a professional makeup artist, Therese Aanonli comes close to people’s faces and personal stories. This is why she is fascinated with faces – because everyone is unique and special in their own way.

When asked about what art is, and what it means to Therese, the key words are passion and freedom. Drawing and painting, whether on canvases or faces, has been a passion since early childhood. She finds both peace and adrenaline while creating, and she feels herself developing both mentally and physically when painting. Therese believes that art is a way of looking into your soul.

Her strokes and colors change with moods and emotions, which becomes apparent when looking at her art: all the faces and lines that twist and turn, hard or soft, like the ocean, mountains, or forest.
She also believes that dreams do come true, and are driven towards colors which can be seen in her daydreaming colorful paintings. If you can dream it you can do it.